Hello, my name is Jonathan Serafin and I am a full service interactive marketing visionary, who is headquartered in Walnut, CA. My specialty is Design, Print, Web, Video, and Advertising. I create mind-blowing designs, rich, interactive experiences that get sites ranked highly with major search engines.

Whether you are looking to enhance your current campaign or start fresh, I look forward to meeting the challenge of your advertising and marketing needs.

“I will bring years of first hand knowledge and experience in the field of visual communications to your company.”

Client success means everything! My goal is to provide each of my clients a professional experience on every creative project I handle, meeting deadlines and overall objectives for a successful campaign.

Dads Office? Jonathan Serafin

Who Gets Dad’s Office?

Who Gets Dad’s Office? 5 Tips for Family Business Succession Planning By Lois Lang, Psy.D. When it comes to family business succession planning, one thing is certain: Most family business leaders don’t do it, they don’t do it well, or they wait to do it until it’s too late. While the CEO longevity in non-family …

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Six Ways to Motivate Top Talent in De-Motivating Times

Six Ways to Motivate Top Talent in De-Motivating Times By Brad Remillard To retain your top talent it is absolutely critical to ensure they are motivated. In difficult times this is often not high on the priority list of managers or CEOs. Most people are working long hours and doing the job of two people, …

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Improve Productivity: Identify Your Staff’s Motivating Factors

Improve Productivity: Identify Your Staff’s Motivating Factors By Diane Ciotta What’s In It For Me? This common phrase exemplifies the reality of how people are primarily focused on the things that matter most to them. This is well depicted in the story of a young car salesman who enthusiastically shared with his 75-year-old female prospect …

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Want to Succeed in Business?

Want to Succeed in Business? Try These 5 Personal Lifestyle Makeover Tips By Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi   Do you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur some day? Are you an existing business owner experiencing challenges managing your business? Will you like to sustain the boom and growth your business is currently experiencing? Or perhaps you …

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